Curling iron is extensively used to create wavy and bouncy hair styles. These devices are applied for a short-time period of 10-20 seconds per strand at temperatures 130 – 200 °C. If you do not have a proper styling technique, you can experience damage to hair keratin and fading of the color. In this article we have selected useful tips and information on various pretreatments and safety advice.

Choose the Best Curling Iron

The choice of the right type heat styling tool for your hair is very important. Each length hair requires different barrel size and levels of heat. It is important to know what size will work best for your hair. Using different diameter rods will reflect in different tightness – from spirals to loose waves. Check out the most popular curling iron shapes and sizes.

Wand curling iron

These hair curlers are designed to form professional-quality curls. Depending on the barrel`s diameter, they can make tight ringlets or large curls.

Clipless curling iron

You use this popular hot tool to reshape your hair by wrapping it around the rod. The simple design is usually conical. The clipless curling iron is best to create lift close to your scalp. To use this iron, you have to wear a special heat proof glove to protect your hands.

Marcel curling iron

This hair iron was primarily designed for professional hair stylists. It features an extra handle to control the hair styling process. The double spring grips combined with innovative materials gives professional results. That reflects in salon quality look to your hair. How does it work? Wrap a strand of hair around the barrel, rotate the handle to close the iron and lock your hair. Since there is no spring mechanism it could be tricky to operate with this hot tool.

Curling iron sizes

The spiral curling iron is a curling wand sizing 0.50-0.75 inches (1,3 cm-1,9 cm). It is perfect to style hair spirals. This tool helps you add long-lasting volume to your scalp and hair. With a small diameter curling wand, it is very easy to create a perm look if you have a long hair or to reshape your short hair.

If you want to get medium curls or a head full of mermaid curls, then the right choice is a 1 inch curling iron (2,5 cm). This wand is perfect to style bob haircuts or hair with layers. This medium-sized curling wand will help you to create a natural hair look with extra volume.

What if you like large romantic curls? Then opt for a 1.25 in (3.2 cm) curling iron. This wand size is suitable for long hair. You can get long-lasting natural and soft waves when using 1.25 inches wand. This size can also add volume to the frame of your face if you have a short hair. It is easy to get defined curly locks for a natural short hairstyle.

The 2 inch curling iron can help you to do celebrity hairstyles. The 2″ barrel iron creates volume effect at the roots. This tool is best for ladies with long straight hair. It is a good idea setting the curls after using a 2 inch curling iron because bouncy curls tend to fall quick. Spray your hair after styling with sea salt spray or hair spray.

How to use a curling iron: Set the best temperature for each hair type

Temperature setting depends on the type of hair to be styled. For fine, damaged or colored hair is recommended temperature of 120 °C – 130 °C. 140 °C -160 °C degree is for healthy hair. Temperatures higher than 170 °C are allowed if you have thick and coarse hair. Each type of hair requires specific styling techniques but how to determine your hair type? Well, it is not difficult at all. Black women`s hair is often thick and frizzy. The European type of hair features high and medium texture, while the Asian hair can be described as thick and very straight.

No matter what hair texture you have, hair stylists recommend letting your hair cool down after using a curling wand. Wait before combing or using styling products. According to coiffures your hair will keep the appearance in which it cools.

Researchers have found that discoloration is observed in temperatures higher than 190 °C. Many curling irons operate effectively at lower degrees.

Best products for curly hair

The protection of optimal protein structure can be done by applying pretreatments and curly hair products. They help the hair to restore the moisture. Fluid retention and heat control are essential when you constantly use a curling iron. The polymeric hair care treatment also preserves the keratin and protein structure. Polymers prevent the hair breakage caused by heat damage. Hair cosmetics containing this substance are considered the best curly hair products.

One of the side effects of curling ironing is the possible color change. High temperature and long heating cycle can make hair color fade. For example the blond hair can become even lighter. That is the reason to use the best hair care products for thermally treated hair. Opt for color-protecting shampoo and conditioner before using a curling iron. Choose the right product for your needs. Heat and color protectants are both designed to seal the cuticle. On the contrary clarifying shampoos can strip speed up the discoloration.

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